July 10, 2014

GlobalSCAPE Releases Version 7 of Its File Transfer Platform

Secure information exchange company GlobalSCAPE announced the newest version of its Enhanced File Transfer platform this week. With the new version comes a host of updates that include an active-active, high-availablility architecture, improved support for PCI (NewsAlert) DSS version 3.0, and an improved Web Transfer Client that takes advantage of HTML5.

The company says that it conducted a recent survey which revealed the reality of server downtime within organizations. GlobalSCAPE President and CEO James Bindseil reported that "nearly 90 percent of organizations unexpectedly lose access to critical systems, resulting in lost data, productivity, and, of course, end-user frustration."

This realization prompted GlobalSCAPE to create the active-active architecture its EFT platform now uses. Active-active software takes advantage of processing nodes by using multiple nodes in tandem with one another. Every node can have access to a single application, so if one node would happen to fail, the others could pick up where it left off without causing a catastrophic failure on the part of the end user. As such, EFT can provide that assurance of safety to its users.

GlobalSCAPE says its software is available for usage based on a modular design. This means that businesses of all sizes can take advantage of its platform and make use of only the modules they need. They will pay only for their desired levels of access to modules that handle auditing and reporting, application statements, workflow, activity monitoring, security, and Web transfer.

Its HTML5-based Web transfer client works in most major browsers on many popular systems including Windows, OS X, and Linux. It can automatically validate transfers with checksums and guarantee data delivery following interrupts with checkpoint restarts. It can transfer files alone or concurrently, has drag-and-drop support, and allows users to manage their transfer queues.

The DMZ Gateway (News Alert) is the company's access solutions that works alongside EFT. It provides users with the capability to retrieve and store data, authenticate users, and work with firewalls. GlobalSCAPE describes it as a "demilitarized zone" that gives companies access to their internal networks by acting as a proxy for inbound network connections. Company data can remain behind their firewalls at all times, and the Gateway itself will not store or process data, so it cannot lead to security breaches through that channel.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle


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