July 10, 2014

Workface Announces Product Version 2.0

Workface recently announced an update of its HTML5-based, real-time chat application. The Workface software is now in version 2.0 and allows businesses to connect with their customers through any modern Web browser on both desktop and mobile devices.

The company discussed its product launch in an announcement this week. The update has brought a number of improvements to the product through an overhaul of its user interface. It now awards businesses with the ability to track user’s physical locations via the IP geolocation feature, as well as get an idea of their browsing history by tracking their movements across their websites in real time.

Lief Larson, founder of Workface, spoke about how HTML5 drives Workface functionality in his company's announcement:

"This is a game changer for Workface users on many levels," Larson said. "Using HTML5, prospects can chat with agents from virtually any Web-connected device, including tablets, smart phones, and even some Web-enabled televisions. Customers can choose when and where they'd like to chat, even when they're on the go. The customers get flexibility and convenience, while the business gets more insight and visibility into the needs of their customers."

Aside from the features that Workface offers businesses, customers can also derive improved usage from the upgrade. Customers, now that they have the ability to do so, want to connect with their chosen brands in novel ways. Gone are the days when phone calls would satiate customers' needs. Now, people want video chat, email support, texting support, and social media coverage in addition to voice calling, and managers are responding by making their businesses capable of such support through HTML5-based applications such as Workface.

Simply put, it is the capability of the modern Web browser and Web standards that make Workface able to operate in the way it does. It makes the recent product upgrades possible, and it allows businesses and their customers to take advantage of all that communication technology has to offer.

As the company announcement states: Workface is trying to make doing business on the Web more human. HTML5 makes that possible through its location tracking, browser history previews, and voice and video integration.

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Edited by Adam Brandt


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