July 17, 2014

Undertone Announces Launch of PageGrabber X

Undertone, a major player in digital advertising solutions for brands, recently introduced an immersive and interactive full-page takeover advertising format, called PageGrabber X.

Built in HTML5, PageGrabber X serves seamlessly across smartphones, tablets, and desktops. It extends Undertone’s popular desktop PageGrabber format to mobile devices through a single creative built with responsive design.

Officials said that PageGrabber X serves on all devices from a single creative and dynamically optimizes to best take advantage of the screen size, features, and functionality of individual devices. Since it uses the maximum amount of available screen real estate every time it is delivered, PageGrabber X is inherently viewable on all screens.

Developed using the Undertone Impact Accelerator, PageGrabber X is able to rapidly launch, manage, and scale cross-screen responsive formats. This ensures an optimal creative experience regardless of changes in Web, browser, or device technology.

"Since its launch in 2010, PageGrabber has consistently been our most popular and successful format," said Undertone co-founder Eric Franchi, in a press statement. "We've seen that advertisers are drawn to its interactivity and attention-grabbing experience; hundreds of brands have chosen PageGrabber for their campaigns. We're very excited to now be able to offer our clients the ability to easily extend the PageGrabber experience from desktops to mobile devices."

PageGrabber X offers brands the power to easily reach their audiences with a consistent, impactful message that is optimized for all screen sizes and device capabilities.

Additionally, the new format is supported by an end-to-end service layer within Undertone, including creative development and consultancy, and full technical development.

Last month, TMCnet reported that Undertone has announced the acquisition of brand-focused programmatic platform, Upfront Digital Media, formerly Legolas Media. The acquisition will add cross-screen programmatic direct and private exchange capabilities to Undertone.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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