July 29, 2014

PUB HTML5’s New Tools Make PDF Publishing Easier

The publishing space hasn't looked like this since the time before publishing corporations rose and established such operations as the gatekeepers between the writer and the reading public. With numerous magazines and newspapers abandoning print versions in favor of strictly online fare, making documents for the Web specifically has never been quite so vital. To that end, PUB HTML5 has brought out a new tool designed to put HTML5 to work in more readily making PDF files of a host of different printed matter, allowing businesses to reduce costs yet still maintain that marketing presence.

PDF files for documents are widely used as a way to disseminate content while at the same time act to preserve the ownership of said content, a balancing act that most any company that deals in content has to carry out. But PDF files can be difficult to work with, and the readers don't always get the most out of PDF files due to the comparatively difficult time that can be had in reading such files. Information is valuable, and must be protected, but information must be shared to make any profit from it. With PUB HTML5's solution, it becomes easier to both make and use said documents.

With PUB HTML5's solution, users get a solution that can convert documents into readable format regardless of the system being used to view said documents, meaning the broadest possible reach can be achieved while still taking advantage of the protections offered by a PDF file. There's also a cloud-based distribution platform involved known as the PUB HTML5 Cloud, which allows for easier access to the content in question.

Plus, with PUB HTML5's solution, users can throw in the kind of extras that help make a document come alive, including additional links to other material—a useful feature to elaborate on certain key points—as well as throwing in things like video, audio, and even slide shows as needed. For some articles, these are the kinds of things that make an article come alive. There are analytics tools, social media features, and even the kind of systems required to bring magazines to mobile devices.

It's one thing to read about 10 great things to do with a bathroom, but it's another entirely to see pictures of how such a thing looks when accomplished, or even better, video of how to accomplish said renovation. Things like pictures, video and audio make a great presentation look even better, and make it in turn more accessible and useful. Some out there have more of a visual learning style, and with a system like PUB HTML5, those users can be accommodated, which makes said users more likely to turn to that publication for future needs. Yet at the same time, PUB HTML5 allows the content a note of protection, and in these days of online piracy, it's important to have such protections in place, or failing that, have some means of monetization that ignores piracy as a factor like advertising or the like.

But the key takeaway here is that PUB HTML5's new solution is going to go a long way in terms of getting a better solution in play to get quality material into users' hands while allowing the generators of said content to maintain both high quality and quality that can be profitable. It's the kind of solution most anyone can get behind, and the kind of solution that may be in play more often in the near future.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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