July 30, 2014

Motorola Unveils RhoMobile Suite 5.0

Mobile app developers often find it difficult to buy numerous app development platforms to suit their varying needs. Often, they have to buy more than one platform to test their app and shell out a sizeable sum for the same.

Helping developers to create OS- and device-agnostic enterprise-class mobile apps, Motorola (News Alert) has unveiled RhoMobile Suite 5.0. According to Motorola RhoMobile Suite 5.0 aligns “application developer needs with budget pricing.” Apart from attractive pricing, the new application suite also enables developers to enterprise-class mobile applications to their customers.

Compatibility is the name of the game, and the RhoMobile Suite 5.0, allows developers to do exactly that. They can write their apps once and then run it on any mobile device, any operating system. It simply means developers now have a wider market at less effort and the compatibility of their apps is virtually unlimited.

RhoMobile Suite 5.0 is filled with numerous features that help developers to create, test, debug, integrate, deploy and manage enterprise apps. Developers need not learn any new technology to develop apps; they can use familiar technologies like CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript and Ruby and still deliver their apps.

“As enterprises are all too aware, pricing for mobile development platforms has long been frustrating. With RhoMobile Suite 5.0, we’re making it much easier to evaluate our cross-platform tools and determine costs,” stated Mark Kirstein, senior director of Enterprise Software, Motorola Solutions. “Our core open-source framework, Rhodes, is free and if you choose advanced value-added features, you can easily upgrade and know your exact costs.”

Since the time Motorola introduced RhoMobile Suite, the company has been finding many customers for this product. Recently, Grass Roots, a provider of employee and engagement services, made use of RhoMobile Suite to easily and economically create mobile scanning applications.


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