August 01, 2014

Infinitely Offers TSplus as Optional Add-On to All Terminal Server Products

Terminal servers are gaining importance in business scenarios as they have the capability to as they have the capacity to host numerous, simultaneous client sessions. Sensing an opportunity in this market, companies dealing in this product line are attracting the customers with various enhancements and improvements.

Infinitely Virtual has announced that the company has introduced an across-the-board enhancement of its Terminal Server product lines. This is a step for the company which had announced a strategic partnership with Denver-based TSplus International in this regard in the last spring.

According to the agreement, Infinitely Virtual had to provide its version of TSplus 7.3, the TSplus International flagship product, as an optional add-on. TSplus International provides remote- access technology and services numerous customers in this field.

As a result of this enhancement, customers of the company looking to connect via a Terminal Server session can have an optional add-on with TSplus 7.3, the TSplus International flagship product. TSplus 7.3 is rich with features such as HTML 5 support, and universal print drivers.

Infinitely Virtual's Terminal Server connects terminal servers with touch-enabled Windows 8 computers to enable users as interact with their applications as easily as they are using their local systems. It has great compatibility as any version of Windows, Mac, iPad, Android (NewsAlert) and Chrome are supported.

“We’re offering TSplus as an add-on to all products that include Terminal Server as part of our ongoing commitment to deliver a better user experience across the board,” said Adam Stern, CEO, Infinitely Virtual. “Users can now work from more devices more easily, with whatever browser they currently have. The days of waiting for downloads are over. And TSplus 7.3 makes printing a snap. Ease of use is absolutely paramount, which reflects our belief that every user should be able to deploy and execute existing applications remotely, without the need for armies of ‘experts’ or expensive server-based architecture.”

Edited by Adam Brandt


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