August 05, 2014

PUB HTML5 Ramps up Experience with Page Turning Utility

While an increasing number of publications out there are turning to the Internet as a means to save money—there are no ink or newsprint costs online—there's still often a little something lacking in the online experience. While for the most part, scrolling down one big page works for most people, there are those out there who miss the ability to flip pages, like the old paper publications used to do. For those traditionalists who miss that level of interaction with the media, PUB HTML5 has just the thing, a new technology that replicates the page turning experience and makes online reading that much more comfortable.

PUB HTML5 has already become popular on several platforms as a means to bring the newest technology to an old concept, but with this new page turning mechanism, PUB HTML5 expands its appeal to a comparatively new sector: those who use traditionally print-based products as a marketing tool. Those who typically turn to marketing measures like brochures and catalogs can now replicate that page-turning experience directly online, making that brochure a highly-portable document that's now much less expensive to produce and is also accessible from just about any device.

PUB HTML5 won't just turn brochures and catalogs into Web pages with page-turning effects, though; bringing in PUB HTML5 will at last report also allow users access to the complete range of Web-based content types, including the ability to not only add photos, but also embed videos directly from YouTube (NewsAlert). Music, buttons, and of course text are all fair game for inclusion, and that allows proper design mechanisms to make a high-impact document that can easily be protected by converting it to PDF format. Editing becomes a simpler matter than ever, and the end product can be tuned just right to ensure that proper image is facing forward.

Better yet, however, is the idea that using PUB HTML5's page-turning technology to improve marketing operations may work out better than expected thanks to the growing use of tablets and smartphones, as well as the various functions these offer. Putting a brochure onto a tablet, and then adding contact links to the brochure, allows users to essentially pick up a brochure, study said brochure, then proceed directly to an ordering page via an online connection. It's a case of striking while the iron is hot, and in this case, the iron doesn't have much time to cool off if the brochure is designed correctly. Under the best conditions, the user can then turn to his or her social media connections and begin providing valuable word-of-mouth advertising about the new product or service just purchased from a brochure on the mobile device. Even under sub-optimal conditions, the user has the brochure, can study it at leisure, and make orders later all from the same platform.

It's this sheer flexibility, combined with ultimate convenience that makes PUB HTML5's new page turning function all the more valuable. While there's some evidence the economy is recovering, consumer confidence is still comparatively low. So being able to take an order at virtually any time is a plus that's hard to pass up, and that's just the kind of plus this can offer. Only time will tell just how well this all works out, but I personally look for there to be some success stories coming out around PUB HTML5's new system by the time holiday shopping season fires up in earnest. It may not work for everybody, but it's a pretty safe bet it will work for somebody.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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