August 05, 2014

WiMi5: Bringing Game Development to the Layman

Have you ever, in your time traversing the video game universe, thought to yourself, “This is good, but I could do better”? Well, one Spanish startup invites you to do so.

Enter WiMi5, an HTML5 cloud-based video game platform allowing amateur and expert developers alike to create living, breathing virtualized landscapes without the need for prerequisite knowledge such as coding. WiMi5 utilizes the HTML5 format in order to make any and all games designed on its system pan-accessible across all Web browsers and mobile devices, including Android (NewsAlert), iOS, Windows Phones, and Firefox OS.

“We are democratizing the creation of cross-platform casual games by unlocking the potential of HTML5 to be the foundation of Web-based gaming. WiMi5 takes casual game design to the next level, making it even simpler for designers to build a game, publish it across multiple sites and create a potential revenue channel in three easy steps,” explains Raúl Otaolea, CEO of WiMi5.

Eliminating the need for any coding experience whatsoever, WiMi5 saves designers eons of time during development, expediting the process of creation and bringing the game strait into its publication and monetization phases.

With WiMi5’s game editor, aspiring game developers can be as hands on or laid back as they want to be, able to create completely customized games, or simply choose from a quick-start pre-made template. Other design tools include a scene editor, enabling the management of in-game intricacies such as behaviors and animation, and a logic editor, which offers sequence, game flow, and resource customization.

“In our case, all services are seamlessly integrated so everything is very easy and visual,” states Otaolea. “At WiMi5 we are providing a complete visual editor for developers and non-developers where everything is done visually connecting elements without leaving the website. This is a huge difference in terms of cost and time, because we reduce the time to market drastically and allow even non-developers to use it.”

Once a developer’s game reaches market, WiMi5 offers it over a wide array of online game stores, including WiMi5’s own Game Arena, Google (News Alert) Chrome’s Web Store, and the Firefox Marketplace. And here is where this Spanish startup makes a profit: while WiMi5 is completely free, any money brought in from a developer’s game (through online purchasing) is split 70/30 between the game creators and WiMi5.

Beta tested by over 800 developers, WiMi5 owes its technology to a multi-year project from research and development center, Tecnalia who, as of January, WiMi5 is no longer associated with.

Check out WiMi5’s website and give its platform a whirl; who knows, maybe you could be the next big thing in HTML5 gaming.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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