August 12, 2014

PUB HTML5 Drives Readership, Customer Base with HTML5 Publishing Tools

Getting attention these days, especially when it comes to a new product or service available for consumption, hasn't been quite this difficult in a long time. While the earlier problems of not having the tools to get out the word have been largely erased, a new problem has shown up: when everyone has the tools to get attention, no one's particularly inclined to give attention in the first place. But now, PUB HTML5 is out to try and help get some of that attention back with a powerful new HTML5-based digital publishing mechanism that should prove to be just the tool for the job of expanding markets and keeping interest.

We've heard a lot about PUB HTML5 lately, from its recent new addition of page-turning capability to its recently-concluded one year anniversary. But now, PUB HTML5 is the subject of a new, closer examination as to how to put HTML5 tools to use to drive market interest and customer responses, a development that actually makes quite a bit of sense.

PUB HTML5 has already been a go-to mechanism for driving customer interest, but now that the software has had a new service added in the form of the PUB HTML5 Cloud Storage Service, it's taken on a particular edge. Not only is it now possible for different users to collaborate on the construction of said HTML5 documents, but it can also serve as a focal point for distribution of said documents, which allows it to serve several functions at once. HTML5 documents—particularly in the form of e-books and online brochures, have several clear advantages over print-based counterparts; not only are the HTML5 documents cheaper to produce—and therefore to sell, if selling such things is the goal—but HTML5 documents can include a variety of interactive factors that helps to drive user interest, which is one of the biggest problems facing marketers today.

With PUB HTML5, meanwhile, marketers can offer up a more high-impact alternative, and give the users of said material a better way to interact with the material in question. That's a development that works well on both sides; the users get a new kind of document that's interesting and worth dealing with, while the marketers get access to the market and a way to allow the documents to speak to the strength of the product or service being offered.  Of course, it doesn't just have to be a marketing tool—regular authors have been offering e-books for quite some time, allowing newer or otherwise undiscovered artists to offer up novels at bargain prices—but as a marketing tool, it's a powerful new development. Add in an easy way to disseminate such titles—as is the case with the PUB HTML5 Cloud Storage Service—and marketers have a terrific new way to get out the word about products and services in a fashion that's more likely to be well-received by the intended target.

Marketing has never been an easy venture, but as the tools change, so too do the methods. Those who keep closely abreast of the changes in the tools will have the best access to the impact of these tools, and those who put the PUB HTML5 system to work in the most rapid fashion will likely reap the greatest rewards from its use the fastest.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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