August 18, 2014

Application Access Provider Developing Clientless HTML5-based Remote Access Tool

A global application access and virtualization software provider announced this past week that it has secured a partnership that will help it develop a clientless method for enterprise users to access their data.

Ericom Software is now working with Third Wave Business Systems, an SAP (News Alert) Business One implementation provider, to develop a browser-based technology that will provide businesses with a method of remotely accessing SAP Business One environments. It will rely on the use of Ericom's AccessNow HTML5 gateway and PowerTerm Web Connect Enterprise.

Joshua Behar, president of Ericom Software, commented on the partnership, "We are excited about the opportunity to offer North American SAP Business One customers an easier, clientless way of accessing their enterprise software. Ericom Software is a pioneer in remote access solutions and through our HTML5-based offering, Third Wave and others have the capability to help organizations to extend the capabilities of and maximize their SAP Business One investment."

Behar hints that the underlying technology will rely on HTML5-compatible browsers, and it is that new Web standard that will allow Ericom to provide access to SAP Business One environments from any platform. The company will be using AccessNow, its Web gateway that can operate within physical and virtual environments, to provide employees with access to Windows services. Furthermore, its PowerTerm Web Connect software will allow IT administrators to take control of business resources through the management of virtualized platforms, remote access to system updates, and interoperability with various platforms that support HTML5.

The SAP Business One software seeks to allow enterprises to manage their resources in various areas of their businesses. This may include financial data and data about the human aspect of their operations. Access to that management may be critical to day-to-day operations, and HTML 5 access through Ericom products can make it even easier for administrators at multiple business levels to access their necessary data from any location and from any devices with modern Web browsers.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi


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