August 18, 2014

Google Adds More Interactive Features to Web Designer HTML5 Tool

This week has brought an exciting announcement from Google (News Alert) regarding the first major update to the company’s Web Designer tool since its launch in the fall of 2013. The update includes some of the more cutting-edge features of HTML5 and more complete integration with Google AdWords.

Contrary to how it may sound, the Web Designer tool is not intended for full website creation, but merely for the production of banner advertisements and small scale animations. HTML5 is a replacement for Flash that eliminates all device and plugin compatibility issues the previous technology suffered from, and instead offers a much simpler development process that is also more effective for the end user. Any advertisements that are uploaded to Adwords in the Flash format will now be automatically converted to HTML5.

The capabilities HTML5 brings for creating interactive content such as animation, videos, iFrames, maps, tap areas and image galleries are a chief aspect of this update to improve the Adwords project. Additionally, HTML5 is more suited for mobile device adaptability and greatly simplifies for designers the process of building products that will work flawlessly on a variety of screen sizes.

The tools for working with animation are quite extensive. Developers have the option to use Quick Mode to string scenes together or manipulate layers within a Timeline (News Alert) Mode. The Web Designer tool supports both 2D and 3D images and animations and provides several options for controlling them in different iterations.

The update also provides support for JavaScript Event handlers, which enables designers to create content that reacts to “events” such as a user tilting, rotating, touching or shaking their device.

Since the launch of the Web Designer tool, ads created using it have generated over 2.5 billion impressions, according to Google. The company has reported a rise in impressions associated with conversion to HTML5, likely due to its expanded compatibility capabilities. Google’s open-arms welcome of HTML5 is part of a large-scale movement to do away with antiquated Flash technology and usher interactive web content into a new era.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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