August 20, 2014

Betdigital Bets on Odobo

Betdigital has announced that it is offering several of its gambling games through digital content and gaming marketplace Odobo.

“Signing with Odobo is a good match for Betdigital and underlines our continued growth in the mobile games sector,” Betdigital CEO Heath Samples said.  “A single integration opens up our games to multiple operators and millions of new players. This marks another exciting period for both companies.”

The company’s titles include “Super Pots Bar-X”, “Shamrock Surprise”, “Royal Gems” and “City of Gold.”

Betdigital’s move is an attempt to broaden the audience of its games, and get more money from its customers. With the HTML5 apps, players can play on any HTML5-compliant browser. Just about any recent browser has implemented many of the HTML5 features already. Customers can play on any device, including mobile, tablets and PCs. Steve Jobs’ shunning of Flash on Apple’s (News Alert) mobile devices has been credited for spurring HTML5 adoption.

The company also attempts to make its games as simple as possible, which encourages more people to use them. Betdigital serves the U.K., but perhaps the company can also attract U.S. players if online gambling laws were relaxed.

The games show how much the modern Web has evolved since the last HTML standard was introduced in 1999. Back then, websites were mostly static documents. Now, they’re often full-fledged applications that run in the browser. In the past, most web developers implemented interactive websites in Adobe (NewsAlert) Flash. Just as open standards dominate on the server side, namely the Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP (LAMP) stack, the same thing is happening on the client side.

Having Betdigital on board is an indication of the industry’s buy-in to the Odobo opportunity,” Julian Jarvis, chief business affairs officer at Odobo, said “Betdigital has great content so we’re honored that its games portfolio is being made available via Odobo.” 

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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