August 26, 2014

Prizm Content Connect to Power New HTML5 Document Review Module

Accusoft, a company that provides document, content and imaging solutions, recently announced that its Prizm Content Connect document viewer has been integrated with CaseManagerPro v3.8, a Web-based legal case management software from Lucid IQ. The Prizm Content Connect document viewer will power the HTML5 document review module in CaseManagerPro v3.8 to enable sharing of document files from PCs, iPads, smartphones and other mobile devices.

CaseManagerPro is a cloud-based case and matter management platform allowing attorneys, paralegals and litigation support teams to effectively manage and share case and matter information, rapidly respond to new actions and requirements, and provide excellent service to clients.

On the other hand, Prizm Content Connect is an application for securely viewing and sharing virtually every document or image file type on almost any end-user device, including desktop and mobile, without the need to download or install external players, plugins or apps. The "out of the box" product features Web-based annotation, redaction and search tools for convenient collaboration on almost any document or image file, and protects all shared files through custom user permissions and SSL encryption.

"Our clients already track the case, client and document data that's important in CaseManagerPro,” says Lucid IQ President Richard Spies. “Now, that's all easily applied to document review for unprecedented search, filter and reporting capabilities."

In related news, Accusoft recently released Prizm Content Connect v9.0. The enhanced version features a streamlined interface, responsive mobile viewing and quicker performance.

Chief among the enhancements in version 9 is the option to scroll through the pages of a document. Scrolling enables users to navigate through a document more quickly and smoothly than traditional paging.

On the server side, Prizm Content Connect v9 features even quicker document loading and paging than in version 8, plus a new load balancer accessible through a representational state transfer (REST) entry point for easy integration with custom applications. 

Edited by Alisen Downey


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