August 26, 2014

Manatee Works Offers SDK Support for IBM Worklight

Since the advent of various operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows Phone (NewsAlert) and Blackberry, mobile app developers often find it difficult test their apps across many platforms. But this is a necessary part of their app testing, without which the testing is not complete.

Enabling mobile app developers to easily test their latest apps on diverse platforms, Manatee Works has announced its Barcode Scanner SDK now supports IBM (News Alert) Worklight. This means customers of IBM Worklight can now reduce the cost of developing their apps across various platforms.

IBM Worklight is an open mobile application platform for smartphones and tablets. It provides standards-based technologies and tools to help developers manage HTML5, hybrid and native applications and is loaded with many goodies like a development environment, mobile-optimized middleware, and integrated management.

With the help of Manatee Works’ Barcode Scanner SDK, developers get the opportunity to integrate one of the most well known barcode scanning solutions in their applications. This not only enhances the customer’s choices, but it also gives developers the opportunity to add more features into their application.

“We continue to look for opportunities to enhance our customers’ experience and to clear obstacles to integrating our barcode scanning SDK,” said Jim Stein, founder and CEO, Manatee Works, Inc. “IBM Worklight’s platform allows us to give our customers what they want to help them further meet their business objectives. Like our customers, the end user is our highest priority, and giving them the simplest overall scanning experience is paramount. There is no bigger disgust than a slow, clunky barcode scanning app. We make the end user feel important.”

Edited by Stefania Viscusi


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