September 02, 2014

1X2gaming Takes First Steps into Virtual Sports, Backed by HTML5

HTML5 has long been known for several key points, and perhaps one of the most well-known is its potential to bring games to mobile devices as well as desktop platforms, by surpassing the platform requirement concept and opening up the playing field to Web browsers. One such firm, online sports provider 1X2gaming, has recently announced its new array of virtual sports games, with an important new point: an HTML5 backbone.

While the games in question boast few differences from those currently on the site, the HTML5 backbone for these newer games allows for a little extra capability not seen in the HTML5-free equivalents. With the HTML5 games, for example, the system uses quite a bit less in overall graphic resources, and the games load smoothly and quickly even on less processor-intensive devices like smartphones and tablets. The games in question, meanwhile, are geared to provide a kind of bridge between those who enjoy casino games and those who enjoy sports betting, getting more users into more forms of betting, which in turn means more revenue to the operators.

Kevin Reid, who serves as 1X2gaming's chief marketing officer, offered up some commentary on the newly released games, saying “At 1X2 there is a shared belief that football betting should never stop, players should always have a football product available to wager on. It’s a pleasure providing the widest range of Virtual Sports and tournaments available on Flash and now on HTML5. Integrating a proven product and making it available to mobile users, is another pioneering step for us in the Virtual Sports niche. As a gaming vertical there are not many options on this medium, and as we did with the original Virtual Football back in 2002, we are excited to be at the forefront of mobile development.”

This actually works out quite nicely for 1X2gaming, as it's opened up a way for players to not only have more fun while gaming, but also stay on the 1X2gaming website for longer periods of time. Reid actually went on to explain this point, noting that games revolving around the same platforms that users would bet on in other areas allows players to get that “football fix” regardless of date, time, or viewing schedule, which helps keep players sufficiently excited between games. That sort of spirit carries on; whether playing, betting, or watching, football fans can have some sort of football contact any time of day. That's likely to drive a lot of interest for 1X2gaming, and in turn, make for a great way to keep up interest and bets flowing. More than that, meanwhile, operators can take advantage of the new dual-screen capability, potentially playing games in venues while viewers turn to 1X2gaming to play and bet. Using HTML5, meanwhile, helps ensure that the games will work smoothly whether on iOS, Android (NewsAlert), or any of the other mobile platforms out there by instead turning to the Web browser as a platform, rather than a native app.

Since these games were only recently introduced, it won't be easy to tell just how much impact the new HTML5-powered games will have on 1X2gaming's overall operations and beyond. But it's clear that this is an exciting new concept, and one that has a great potential to have an impact on the bottom line, a development that most any operation eagerly awaits.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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