September 02, 2014

PUB HTML5 Unveils Digital Brochure Publishing Software

Brochures are the backbones of any company's marketing plans. But since the advent of digital media, marketing managers have been in a fix. They have to deliver brochures to a digital audience, and creating an attractive digital brochure is no small task. Although there have been various programs that allow companies to design and publish digital brochures, none have been very successful.

Now, software manufacturer, PUB HTML5 has started testing the waters in this domain with the introduction of its digital brochure publishing software. It provides a head start for those with limited or no designing skills by converting the existing PDF brochures into HTML5 brochures.

Conversion of brochures from PDF to HTML is not the only advantage in this new software. It also enables users to add numerous multimedia elements to their brochure to make it more interactive and attractive. For example, a user can add a YouTube (NewsAlert) video or photo slideshows to make the brochure more attractive.

This software also provides exciting customization facilities that allows companies to make the brochures their own, instead of making it look like a ‘me too’ copy. It also provides page flip effect and is compatible with all major operating systems, including iOS, Android (NewsAlert) and Windows 8. Users have many customization options such as adding bookmarks, backgrounds, custom logos and much more.

“Right presentation is imperative to run and get business. There is no doubt that a magnificent digital brochure with interactive multimedia grabs more attention than any conventional marketing material. PUB HTML5 committed to help businesses leverage technology, and promote business well,” said PUB HTML5 official.

Recently, the company introduced the online edition of HTML5 flipbook. With this, the flipbook format can be used to make the readers feel they are reading a traditional magazine or book while online.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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