September 03, 2014

IGC Debuts HTML5-enabled Brava! Enterprise 7.2

Helping CAD designers with 3D modeling, Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC) has unveiled Brava Enterprise 7.2 for EMC (News Alert) Webtop. The company plans to integrate this release of Brava for Webtop with its latest version of EMC Documentum Capital Projects, which will offer HTML5 viewing.

Brava for EMC Documentum offers various integration options to EMC Documentum software. It is mainly used by EMC Documentum customers as it provides excellent ROI and fastest user adoption. Brava also allows users to view native files and create and view PDF or CSF files.

The latest version of Brava now provides vector viewing facilities and CAD layer visibility and view object attributes. The new version shows 3D models, which means that users can view their models more closely and from many angles, which was not possible earlier.

Brava also allows users to sign documents electronically and save time and paper. It also has a Checkview feature which allows users to automatically fill forms. It also has an enhanced text comparison feature which shows areas of unchanged text and shows changed areas with yellow lines. Brava supports more than 200 document (including PDF), image (34 TIFF versions alone) and CAD formats. Brava can be used by users of all skill levels since it has an easy user interface.

“We're pleased to bring 3D viewing and HTML5-based vector viewing to EMC Documentum Webtop," said IGC CEO Gary Heath. "IGC's platform-independent HTML5 client lets PC and Mac users access crisp, readable content and CAD viewing functionality.”

Recently, the company achieved a Silver Application Development competency in the Microsoft (News Alert) Partner Network for the third time. This is a rare recognition as only 5 percent of Microsoft partners have received this honor. The company received this honor for its products like Redact-It, Blazon and viewing/collaboration/annotation tool Brava.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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