September 17, 2014

HTML5 Developers, Take Note: Reddo Mobility Has New App-Refactoring Tools

One major development in the field of HTML5 of late is the growth of the app-refactoring platform, tools that can allow the changing of small parts of applications to improve the code beneath without actually changing how the app itself behaves. While there have been several such platforms to emerge in recent days, one more has emerged from Reddo Mobility, formerly known as Gizmox. This newest platform, simply called Reddo, offers up some great new options for those looking for the right tools to engage in app-refactoring.

Reddo, meanwhile, can be established within Windows, and works to watch application controls between the operating system itself and the Presentation layer. From that vantage point, it has the potential to figure out what's going on between the two layers, and use that information to create a completely new mobile interface for the application itself. Some might think here that it engages in screen scraping or transcoding practices instead, but rather, it's focused on the direct user interface calls, using that information to improve for mobile devices. There's even a designer tools included that allows users to better map parts of a Windows app to its equivalent in the mobile interface, which allows for some comparatively simple changes to be made to things like overall flow and theme setting.

There are, at last report, some downsides to Reddo that need to be considered. There's a particular focus on Win32 apps for the time being, so those working in Web apps that are neither mobile-ready nor HTML5-based might have some problem. What's more, the app runs in a current session, so there could be some issues with using this on a physical desktop. Finally, if the app in question is highly graphic in nature, as opposed to being more data-driven, it's going to have a harder time working in Reddo as Reddo's currently better suited for data apps.

These are comparatively small limitations, some would likely say here, and actually in line with some issues that competing firms in the market have seen. Indeed, Reddo's got its share of competitors at last report, with items like the Citrix Mobility software development kit (SDK) out as well as things like PowWow and Capriza around. But these often have limitations as well to consider, so those looking for an app-refactoring mechanism will want to look carefully at the benefits and drawbacks of each before going forward.

Still, it's clear that Reddo Mobility's somewhat titular release has quite a bit on its side to commend it, and that should put it in a good position for taking on the rest of what looks to be an increasingly packed market. App development is likely to remain a major part of the landscape for some time to come, and that means that tools to help app developers get product out the door and in play are going to carry that much more value for some time to come.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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