September 24, 2014

DealHub Announces New Modular eFX Platform for Banks

With few banks turning to a complete build strategy in eFX and first generation vendor platforms offering limited flexibility, London-based financial market software provider DealHub is providing banks with a more effective alternative called DealHub RefleX. DealHub RefleX is a modular eFX platform that combines the firm's trading connectivity with a new price and execution management engine, as well as an HTML5 client trading portal, intended to produce a high performance and multi-channel eFX platform.

Banks will now have access to a flexible toolkit of eFX modules that can be configured and customized to either enhance an existing bank platform or be used as an end-to-end solution for the complete eCommerce workflow. The latter would involve all the workflow steps including liquidity sourcing, price management, venue and portal distributions, execution, credit and risk management, and Straight Through Processing.

RefleX can be deployed on-premise or delivered as a service from DealHub's co-located hosting facilities and incorporates built-in business intelligence tools for monitoring trading performance and system latency, in addition to compliance investigation and surveillance.

The client trading portal featured as part of RefleX works with DealHub's venue and API distribution technology in order to give clients a full range of distribution channels. The new portal, which uses HTML5 technology for native browser delivery, has the ability to be fully branded and extended to allow banks to have a private electronic distribution channel with a unique customer experience.

DealHub CEO Peter Kriskinans said that the launch of RefleX represents a significant step in the evolution of the company's trading solutions.

"Over the last five years, we’ve painstakingly built out our eFX technology, working hand in hand with customers to build best of breed components for every step of the trading workflow," Kriskinans said in a statement. "Our new pricing and execution tools, combined with a cutting edge HTML5 trading GUI, complete the stack – we now offer an unrivalled breadth of capabilities pre and post-trade, with the commercial, technical and workflow flexibility to support banks of all sizes.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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