October 07, 2014

NetDania to Tap Potential of HTML5

HTML5 is the latest version of HTML that comes with superior features than previous versions to give greater opportunities for developers and users. Many companies are tapping into these new features of enhance product offerings and give users a better viewing experience.

One such company is NetDania, a Danish company that specializes in providing charting packages. Its flagship product is Five Star Chart, a charting application that displays foreign exchange data and analytics. Recently, this company migrated to HTML5 to offer a smoother solution to its users. Since HTML5 does not need any additional plug-in, this new charting solution loads faster on all browsers. Moreover, it can be embedded with relative ease into any web application developed by NetDania's clients, who are mostly broker firms located in the U.S. and the U.K.

This HTML5 application also complements its other products that are based on Java Applets so that users can combine them for a more streamlined analytics. With these applications, it is possible for client companies to customize the existing charts to provide the right financial information to their end clients. Moreover, with HTML5, companies have the option to add audio or video playback without the need to use third-party programs such as Flash Player. Another benefit is that HTML5 offers mobile optimization, which means, users do not have to alter NetDania's charting application to cater to their mobile users. This ability of HTML5 can be a huge saving in terms of time, money and resources for client companies.

NetDania is likely to release its HTML5-based charting application by the end of this year. With this application, clients can create more than 150 different chart types in over 17 languages.           

Due to these above benefits, NetDania's new charting application is expected to become popular among individual and institutional investors and brokers. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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