October 09, 2014

iCluster Monitoring and Management Platform Now Mobile Thanks to HTML5

Rocket Software's iCluster platform is used by businesses all over the globe to manage high-performance business data networks in order to keep them running smoothly. In addition to keeping multiple devices and servers in sync with one another, iCluster is easy to deploy and use, and offers superior disaster recovery solutions.

Now, Rocket Software has released a mobile iCluster platform supported by HTML5, according to Called Mobile Monitor, the platform is expected to help increase productivity and mobility as well as helping solve network issues in a more timely manner.

Because it is based off of HTML5, the new mobile iCluster platform is accessible by virtually any device capable of browsing the Internet. This means that IT teams will be able to access network services through their own personal smartphones (assuming the workplace uses BYOD policies), and will be able to monitor correct network issues almost instantaneously.

The mobile platform is unfortunately not quite as powerful as the Rocket Software's java-based GUI desktop application for iCluster. However, iCluster senior manager of engineering Mike Warkentin pointed out, “We're going to keep adding to the mobile interface. But we'd like to start simple,” he added, “and just show what customers have been asking for, which is the ability to see whether the group is up or not, and to start it or stop it if required.”

By starting with the most in-demand features first, Rocket Software's Mobile Monitor will be able to attract a larger user base that will expand as more features arrive.

While Mobile Monitor is the third user interface to be released for iCluster, the rise of mobile devices in the workplace could mean that it could become even more popular than the desktop platform. while there will are still die-hard developers who are used to their “green screens” that will remain on their desktops computers, the simpler interface offered by Mobile Monitor will convince many IT groups to switch to iCluster for a unified system that can be controlled through multiple formats, including mobile.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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