October 13, 2014

Turbocharge Testing Engines with SmartBear’s New Release

What can be used to improve the quality of software?  Testing. But when applications have to be tested across multiple environments and devices and a variety of tests have to be performed—the process can become rather complicated. However, SmartBear has introduced new versions of two smart tools – TestComplete 10.4 and QAComplete 9.9- that should help companies break silos and achieve testing agility in one easy-to-use interface.

QAComplete 9.9 is stated to provide a collaborative testing environment and a unified view of testing efforts across all teams and platforms, right from planning to execution in a single interface. TestComplete 10.4 ensures organizations can automate tests for new development offerings in the mobile, Web and desktop sector right from the beginning of a release. In addition both contain additional platform support for innovative standards such as HTML5, iOS8 and more. SmartBear is also offering enhanced support for mobile testing.

“Today's testing teams have a cross-functional and multi-platform approach and usually include some form of combination of both automated and manual testing,” said Rich Caplow, senior vice president, Product Commercialization at SmartBear.

So what does this mean for team members?

Put succinctly, testing teams can communicate more effectively and stay organized across releases, collaborate on the design and planning of the tests across groups and platforms, schedule automated and manual tests for different environments and also deliver a full view of all the tests that are run across all the platforms in a single interface.

This ensures product quality and faster time to market and sees to it that testing keeps pace with shorter release schedules without compromising on product quality. When software is released on tight schedules, the barriers between the various teams disappear. Today running test cases and maintaining delivery quality has become a joint responsibility of testers, developers and even business analysts.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi


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