November 06, 2014

Coral Interactive Bets on HTML5 Gaming

Coral Interactive, the third largest retail bookmaking business in the U.K. with a market share of approximately 20 percent, is adding a new phlox of online games to its portfolio, based on HTML5 offerings from Odobo.

Coral Interactive is focused on the online sports-betting business, with as its main brand. As such, it’s one of the United Kingdom's leading e-commerce operations. But it has also embraces mobile gaming, meaning that it needs to effectively cater to users whatever the screen may be in their hands. Increasingly, HTML is the way to deliver a consistent user experience in a multiscreen world, supporting rich functionality and video.

The Coral-Odobo deal includes exclusive titles such as: Gold Dice, Poker Drop Riches and Beat the Croupier. In addition, Coral gains the benefit of Odobo Play, a unique game discovery channel that helps developers to market their games directly to customers.

With the support of the Odobo Developer Program, all games released to the Odobo Marketplace are certified for distribution across its supported jurisdictions and markets. This ensures that existing games are compatible with Coral's customers.

"Odobo has fantastic games available that come from a diverse range of developers,” said Angus Nisbet, gaming director at Coral Interactive. “We're pleased to be gaining access to its titles and have been so impressed to date that we have commissioned bespoke content via Odobo."

This is the latest games distribution deal for Odobo, and follows other integrations with bet365, Betfair and Unibet. With more operator integrations underway, the opportunity for applications engineers to monetize games via the Odobo Developer Program is broadening.

"Coral Interactive is a substantial gain for us and our developers,” said Julian Jarvis, chief business affairs officer at Odobo. “We're thrilled to have another established name join the Odobo Marketplace."

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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