December 02, 2014

Hong Kong Company Uses HTML5 to Develop Flipbooks that Function on Any Device

PUB HTML5 recently released a demo featuring the latest version of its flipbook product. These online books duplicate the layout and appearance of a printed book so well that even turning pages on the screen looks very much like turning the page of an actual book. It has long been possible to create flipbooks through PUB HTML5’s online flipbook generator, but what’s been added is better support for mobile devices.

Hong Kong-based PUB HTML5 Software Co. provides a platform that allows users to create flipbooks easily without needing to know the HTML5 language. The typical process for creating a flipbook is to compose the document in a standard format like a PDF file, then upload the PDF to your PUB HTML5 account. Soon afterwards, the site generates an HTML5-based flipbook that can be added to any existing HTML page.

Plans range from the free service to the enterprise version that sells for $799, which effectively gives the user a lifetime license to the service. The fee services in between charge a monthly fee and support more document types with each increase in the plan price. The free service supports only text and PDF files, while the enterprise plan supports those two as well as images and Microsoft (News Alert) Office formats for documents and presentations.

Since each completed flipbook has been converted to HTML5, the output is platform-agnostic and can be viewed on virtually any mobile device. A practical application of this technology would be to provide a field technician with a tablet that has access to numerous flipbooks containing repair manual content. Instead of having to lug a library of books around on a service call, the technician could use a tablet or a smartphone to browse through illustrations and instructions.

At first glance, the flipbook that PUB HTML5 produces would appear to be little more than a novelty item. Many companies will produce them the same way they used to produce printed marketing and informational manuals. Not only are they practical for the field service technician, but also make it easier for sales people to present different products to customers, again without lugging books around. Above all, it is yet another way that companies can produce very compelling content without being HTML5 experts. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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