December 04, 2014

Panopto Announces Updates to Video Management Platform

Panopto provides businesses with a video platform that integrates recording, streaming, and video management in a single location. Its most recent announcement regards an update to the Panopto platform that brings its video technology through HTTP live streaming (HLS) to Web browsers.

Panopto says its platform now records using H.264 for video and AAC for audio. Those two codecs, it says, are the most widely-used on the Web, and as such, the codecs will help it gain traction in that space. In addition, its use of HLS to stream will allow the platform to stream content within HTML5-cabale Web browsers. This means Panopto can interface well with both desktop and mobile devices, a point to which Eric Burns, Panopto's chief product officer, commented.

"Video is quickly becoming the preferred medium for online communication at businesses and universities around the world," Burns said. "Panopto was created to provide the easiest way for these organizations to manage and search their video. With today's update, our platform is at the forefront of delivering video to the modern landscape of post-PC devices.”

The Panopto HTML5 video player allows online users to play and search streaming video content, control the playback speed of content, and make detailed notes for future reference. In addition, its Android (NewsAlert) and iOS mobile apps can bring MP4 video to many mobile devices.

The announcement also mentions the newly-developed “snap-ins” that offer users additional functionality when accessing video. Specifically, the video search snap-in allows for the search of any spoken or printed word inside a video. Users can scan entire collections or single videos to find the content they are after. Snap-ins for creation workflows allow organizations to provide users with one-click video recording and easy upload of content to learning management and content management systems. In addition, snap-ins also allow users to embed searchable playlists within any website.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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