December 16, 2014

Tibbo Technology Improves on AggreGate 5.1 with HTML5 Boost

Tibbo Technology is already reasonably well-known in the field of intelligence device management software as well as devices geared toward the rapidly-growing phenomenon that is the Internet of Things (IoT). But few companies ever get much of anywhere just staying stable, and so growth is the order of the day. For Tibbo Technology, that meant a new release of its AggreGate Device Management Platform, and version 5.1 of this system—the newest release—includes a little extra edge of HTML5.

With AggreGate 5.1's release comes a new tool called the AggreGate Web Desktop, a system that's built around HTML5 and was intended as a complement to the current browser interface built around Java. With the Web Desktop, meanwhile, users don't need to have Java installed on operating machines, which opens up the scope of devices that can actually perform both monitoring and management operations, extending it out to tablets and smartphones, along with other mobile devices. But the addition of HTML5 won't result in losses elsewhere, as reports note that the standard array of operator activities will come along with AggreGate Web Desktop, including maps, forms and plans, as well as other interfaces built in AggreGate's UI Builder tool. What's more, even the data acquisition layer got some augmentations with a variety of new device drivers. Included in the laundry list of new capabilities includes support for MeterBus, SOAP, VMware API, Asterisk (NewsAlert) Manager Interface, and several others besides.

But the improvements didn't stop with AggreGate Web Desktop; also included were new authentication tools via either Active Directory or LDAP, new user permission inheritance systems, support for Virtual Device Networks, and several others from there, giving AggreGate 5.1 a whole new level of versatility and value in the field.

In the end, that's the biggest update to AggreGate 5.1: versatility. It's offering up a host of new tools, and a host of new ways to make contact with those tools, better reflecting an overall business environment that's less dependent on a handful of tools like desktop PCs, and more dependent on a wider variety of tools. The move to a more mobile workforce has brought with it a lot of changes, and as new technological developments get into the field, like the IoT itself that Tibbo is so well acquainted with, the end result becomes clear: people want more options, and more ways to pursue those options. HTML5 has proven to be nothing if not versatile, making an impact everywhere from HTML5-driven flipbooks to Amazon Fire TV. So bringing it to systems like those Tibbo offers should be a natural fit. What's more, some reports suggest that the biggest complaint many had about the AggreGate service was its user interface, described as “complex” by some, so an HTML5-driven interface may well help out on that front, especially now that it can be put to work over different devices.

Tibbo Technology has shown us the value of HTML5 in providing more versatility, and more potential points of connection. Given that the IoT, in the end, is essentially a multitude of points of connectivity, it's not surprising to see Tibbo branch off in a direction to provide more of that. Only time will tell just how well the new version is received, but it's a safe bet that users will be providing plenty of beneficial—and likely happy—commentary in its wake.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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