December 22, 2014

Dynamsoft Expands HTML5 Support for Document Scanning SDK

Businesses are increasingly going green, and migrating from wasteful paper-based workflows to more efficient, digitized document and records management. Software developers are following the trend, and tapping that opportunity with a range of tools for scanning and manipulating documents. Looking to give them an edge, Dynamsoft has upgraded its software development kit (SDK) for creating document-scanning modules within browsers to support HTML5 WebSocket, JavaScript IntelliSense and 1D barcode reading.

The company’s Dynamic Web TWAIN kit has added an HTML5 component that supports the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox on Windows. It can be used by developers to more easily manage migrations from, or the continued use of, NPAPI plugins for document scanning functions.

The company said that versions to properly support HTML5 in other browsers and platforms are in the works.

Meanwhile, JavaScript IntelliSense is a bit like predictive text for code: it provides auto-completion options for statements, and supports lists objects, functions, properties and parameters available to a programmer based on their current code. So, language elements can be more easily and accurately inserted.

The JavaScript IntelliSense feature is supported in Visual Studio 2010+ and Eclipse 4.2+ (with Aptana Plugin v3.6+).

Meanwhile, the 1D barcode reader allows users to read code 39 and code 128 type barcodes from scanned online images, while a revised disk caching mechanism can now handle batch scanning of thousands of documents.

"SDKs are all about minimizing time spent and errors created while improving work efficiencies," said Amy Gu, vice president of Dynamsoft. "Thus, adding support for JavaScript IntelliSense is an obvious choice for us as it meets all these criteria. And, since barcode use only continues to grow, adding 1D barcoding options was also a clear conclusion. We'll continue with other improvements to come too."

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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