January 13, 2015

Reddo Introduces New Solution for Mobilizing Windows Desktop Apps

Reddo Mobility, a new startup that recently evolved from the HTML5 developer tools vendor Gizmox, has unveiled its revolutionary technology for porting Windows desktop applications to mobile devices. With Reddo, organizations can create and publish a mobile-accessible version of any desktop app – even if it is on a virtual desktop infrastructure – in a matter of minutes with no coding required.

First, Reddo's User Experience (UX) Connector must be ran on the same desktop session as the application to be mobilized. The Connector intercepts the app's desktop user interface to construct a model of its key components, and a reflected interface is automatically built upon that model using responsive, cross-platform HTML5 controls.

Next, the Reddo Adaptive UX Planner allows the user to define variations of the app (called micro apps) and modify details using intuitive design tools, without any coding or scripting. The collection of micro apps are then stored in a database. The UX Planner includes guidance on best practices for mobilizing applications to ease the process along and ensure a polished final product. The company has stated its commitment to being device agnostic – so there is no support for native app development – but this is inconsequential as apps designed with the UX Planner are built to function well on any platform.

Finally, with the click of a button, the app can be published as a pure HTML5 web app or a hybrid app to web and mobile via Reddo's enterprise-class HTML5 app server. Updates and changes can be made at any time and published immediately. The Reddo Application Server initiates a new desktop session whenever an end user accesses the app from their mobile device and refers to the micro app database to determine the appropriate interface, which is then delivered on the mobile device. The server maintains communication with the desktop application through the Connector for the entire duration of the user's interaction.

"We see a key advantage of Reddo being the ability to preserve the value of existing enterprise applications that have no other mobile component," said Josh Epstein, Reddo's Vice President of Marketing. "The ability for business users to rapidly create their own interface with minimal or no technical support means they can rapidly iterate a mobile application for their specific use case. Where many enterprise mobility strategies are literally dictated by budget and developer availability, we can let IT organizations rapidly accelerate the pace of application mobilization."

Reddo recently announced it raised $4.25 million in funding, with investors including Atlas Venture, IVIC, Citrix and an unnamed strategic partner. The company stated it will use these funds to improve engineering, sales and marketing for the technology, which is currently under testing by unnamed customers in a variety of industries.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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