January 26, 2015

eQuorum Announces HTML5-based ImageSite

eQuorum has announced a new version of ImageSite, a document management system that has been revamped in HTML5.

“ImageSite is a comprehensive yet easy to use Document Management solution that automates the distribution and collaboration of engineering data and corporate files across your entire enterprise,” a company statement said.

The application has been completely rewritten in HTML5, and doesn’t require Java at all. This makes it more accessible to web users, since many browsers now disable Java by default due to its security risks. This also allows users to access ImageSite from mobile browsers as well as desktops.

eQuorum said that it was the biggest overhaul to the program in eight years.

The interface has also been redone to attempt to be more intuitive for users. It supports features such as dragging and dropping documents into the browser to upload them to ImageSite. eQuorum has also added a “dashboard” that shows recent documents, favorites, downloads, searches, checked out documents and other notifications.

ImageSite integrates with popular software packages such as AutoCAD 2015 and Inventor 2014.

Users can also search for documents based on department, company, organization and group level.

Security is one of the main concerns for document management, as many documents within organizations can contain sensitive data. ImageSite is geared toward working with CAD/CAM programs. These files can contain trade secrets, which could be devastating if they ended up in the wrong hands.

There’s also the ever-present danger of macro viruses, which is one way malware propagates. Since ImageSite documents stay on the server, there’s less of a risk of them being leaked, as well as malware wreaking havoc with a company’s computers.

The new version shows how quickly HTML5 has been adopted, even before the standard was finalized. Web developers have taken advantage of the new standard to build apps that blur the line between the Web and the desktop.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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