January 27, 2015

Yggdrasil Gaming Steps Up HTML5 Presence, Adds New Slot in The Dark Joker Rizes

Online gaming has been a major component of the entire online experience pretty much since its inception, and when that gaming is more of the “gambling” version and less of the “video game” version, it's not that much less prominent. Though illegal in some places, online gambling is still a major part of the Internet as we know it, and in turn, HTML5 has given a real shot in the arm to the development of online slot machines and the like. Yggdrasil Gaming is no different here, recently launching its new HTML5 framework, and with that new framework, a new flagship game: The Dark Joker Rizes.

The Dark Joker Rizes is a sequel to its earlier release Jokerizer, and is a five-reel slot that offers 10 separate paylines. That's not as complex as some in the field, of course, but certainly playable. Several new features were included with this new release, including conditions for bonus re-spins, the Super Bet, the Guaranteed Joker, and the random surprise that is the Mystery Win. Those interested—and permitted by law—to play can find The Dark Joker Rizes available in both desktop and mobile versions. Reports from Yggdrasil Gaming's CEO, Fredrik Elmqvist, suggest that this is “…a deep, truly feature-rich game…”, and also serves as “…a sign of things to come” for the company as a whole.

Indeed, Elmqvist noted some of these things to come in recent addresses to its partners. Elmqvist noted that users will, eventually, be able to simultaneously launch games on mobile devices and desktops, which will allow the company to get more impact out of its marketing. With such a system in place, the company would only need to develop one campaign for multiple platforms, which means a better reach for the money. Yggdrasil was already able to do this with The Dark Joker Rizes, and future games will likely feature this development as well. Indeed, Yggdrasil is already working on making the migration happen for its Draglings and Reef Run titles as well, and future developments will likely follow in this path.

There's always something to be said for efficiency, even in marketing—perhaps especially in marketing, some would note—and here, Yggdrasil is showing us just what comes of efficient marketing. Being able to focus a campaign like this should give it extra force in the field, and potentially allow for more campaigns to go on simultaneously. While it's going to have an inherent problem in that the online gaming market is somewhat limited by various forces of law and statute, that may actually help at least somewhat; when the market is so strictly limited, it allows for an incredible level of focus on those parts of the market that actually can be accessed. It limits growth, yes, but it also allows for the best reach with the least amount of resources needed. HTML5 is going to prove equally helpful here, allowing for just one game to be developed for all platforms, mobile and desktop alike.

Only time will ultimately tell just how much impact this has on the overall market, but Yggdrasil may have just the recipe needed to give it an edge in the online gaming sphere.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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