February 06, 2015

Savision Announces Configurable HTML5 Dashboards for Microsoft System Center

Savision, a provider of business service and cloud management services for Microsoft (News Alert) System Center, recently announced the upcoming launch of Dashboards by Savision. This flexible monitoring solution provides an improved user interface and expanded visualization capabilities for the Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, allowing System Administrators to easily access critical information for managing IT operations.

Dashboards by Savision provides a sleek HTML5-based interface that is easily customized with drag and drop functionality and fully integrated with Microsoft System Center. Information is prioritized and clearly visible so that real-time health and performance data for infrastructure components and applications can be monitored with a quick glance, and the device agnostic solution is fully optimized for mobile viewing to enable quick identification and resolution of problems with the system. Configuration options for the dashboards ensure users always have immediate access to the exact information they need.

“With the release of a new mobile-friendly dashboarding solution, Savision reinforces our commitment to helping our customers get the right information when and where they need it,” said Rob Doucette, CTO of Savision. “We understand their need to identify, prioritize, and resolve problems as quickly as possible so they can keep their customers happy and ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Dashboards by Savision will help liberate them from the pain of slow loading data and bring them the freedom that mobile devices provide.”

The free version of Dashboards by Savision includes several out-of-box dashboards and one custom-authored dashboard, with additional ones available for purchase online at a cost of $150 each. The full solution is also available for free with the purchase of Live Maps Unity, Savision’s business service management solution, and can then enable monitoring of business-critical priorities from the perspective of the end user in addition to applications and infrastructure. This frees System Administrators from IT silos and grants them a direct sightline of how their work adds value to the business and impacts the services provided to end users.

According to the company, Dashboards by Savision will be available beginning in early March 2015.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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