March 19, 2015

HTML5 Advantages in Advergaming

Advergaming, the mix of advertising and gaming entrainment, is a way for companies to discretely insert themselves into a gaming environment. The game is purposely created to advertise a company, service or product. Utilizing HTML5, video games can be created ad played on a modern device. The technology presents many advantages to advergaming creators. Allow me to illustrate a few of these advantages:

1.Non-Exclusive: HTML5 doesn’t leave anyone out; it can work on any device that has a Web browser installed. This means your game will widen its range of audiences compared to games created for specific platforms. People can play it on their mobile device on their commute, switch to a computer screen, and even play it on their living room TV.  HTML5 provides seamless movements to new environments and the inclusion of more players.

2.Easy to Download & Share: Immediacy is everything in this technology driven age.  When using HTML5 to create your game, nothing has to be installed, there is no waiting. Games can be downloaded hassle-free. It’s as simple as going to a website and instantly starting to play.  This makes it even easier for users to share with friends. They can text, email, Tweet or post to Facebook (NewsAlert) the Web address. The simplicity of posting a URL to personal social platforms taps your game into the marketing channels of the Web, by users already playing the game.

3.Smooth Publishing:  Using HTML5 gives you the freedom to develop and publish your game as you would any other website. This plays to immediacy; there is no wait to download the game, and no wait for you to receive approval from app stores. There are no rules and regulations for your game, except for the ones you create. It gives you full control and takes the hassle out of publishing.

Advergaming is becoming an effective marketing tool, especially with the continued growth of mobile devices. They can provide a platform for storytelling, have been known to be successful with Millennials and set your brand or company apart from the rest. When combining advergaming and HTML5, your company can take advantage of its mobility and reach a larger audience. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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