April 09, 2015

Odobo Brings Out New Slate of HTML5-Based Games

HTML5 gaming has brought the concept of online gaming—particularly for mobile users—a long way in recent months, and recently, game company Odobo has stepped up its efforts on that front. Odobo's bringing out two new games from developer partners Trimark and Touchstone (NewsAlert) Games, and those looking for a gaming experience with that real-money edge may find these games a welcome treat.

Touchstone Games' new offering is called “Lucky Gems,” and represents the first HTML5 game that Touchstone has ever offered, at last report. “Lucky Gems” is said to be similar to the Japanese gaming phenomenon known as pachinko, in that the game fires a series of 12 balls onto the playing field from the right of the board, and the balls in turn slide down the board, contacting a series of pins to eventually land in a set of pockets. The best outcomes involved either landing in “high-value” pockets, or in pockets that cause more balls to be launched for further attempts at hitting the high-value targets. With Lucky Gems, a multiball option is also on hand that can deploy up to 50 balls at random. The game is said to currently be available at the Odobo Marketplace, according to Odobo partner success manager Glen Bullen.

Image via Odobo's Tumblr

Meanwhile, Trimark has also released an HTML5-driven game called “Loteria,” based on the popular Mexican version of bingo. Here, bingo balls are replaced with playing cards, and the objective is to match pictures on a ticket displaying a pre-defined image sequence. The images, meanwhile, include iconic images of Mexican culture such as churros and religious iconography. The players attempt to match up the cards before emptying the 54-card deck, and the sooner this match happens, the better the payout. Odobo's manager for legal and business affairs Rob Smith noted that Trimark's “Loteria” represented “…a fusion between the game's multiple-century heritage and the power of Odobo's state-of-the-art technology.” The company further noted that the company was “thrilled” to offer up “Loteria” through the Odobo Marketplace.

HTML5 has offered some real impact across several sectors lately, from document publication to mobile apps, but gaming might well be one of the biggest such areas yet. Particularly in the field of online gambling, HTML5 has allowed for a lot of cross-platform play and incredible efficiency in development thanks to the ability to roll out the same game on more than one platform at once. While there have been some difficulties that require native apps to still be in the picture, HTML5 is making a lot of headway on this front. Odobo, meanwhile, seems to be taking advantage of that to bring out more quality gaming experiences for users.

It will be interesting to see how players and venues alike warm to the new titles in the Odobo Marketplace, but beyond these individual titles, it's clear that the overall move to HTML5, particularly in gaming, is still proceeding apace.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino


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