April 24, 2015

Kaltura Launches HTML5 Web App for Amazon Fire TV

Kaltura, a video platform aimed at the Over the Top (OTT) TV, Online Video Platform (OVP), Education Video Platform (EdVP) and Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) markets has announced the launch of a new HTML5 web app for the Amazon Fire TV. The platform provides publishers and content owners with comprehensive tools for publishing, managing, monetizing and analyzing video and other rich media content. Completely software-based, it can be implemented into any website or application to augment it with advanced video and rich media capabilities.

With this new app, users benefit from a streamlined distribution process and multi-screen experience with the ability to seamlessly publish Kaltura video content directly to an Amazon Fire TV. Although Amazon’s offering is a relatively new device and has yet to penetrate the market very far — especially taking into account more entrenched competitors such as Roku and Chromecast — developers are quickly realizing its place as an ideal platform for video-centric applications. Furthermore, streaming-media devices and services are rapidly growing in popularity as the culture continues to shift toward non-linear programming and viewing. Kaltura brought this trend of the connected TV experience to a business environment by providing an easy way to migrate business logic, analytics, monetization and other relevant plug-ins to a large-screen platform.

 “Our goal is to bring Kaltura’s OTT-grade player to as many devices and platforms as possible and TV screens are no exception,” said Ron Yekutiel, Chairman and CEO of Kaltura. “Publishers need the flexibility to monetize their content anywhere, anytime and Kaltura is focused on easing the path to making their content available on platforms like Amazon Fire TV and Facebook (NewsAlert) that offer many more potential eyeballs.”

The Kaltura HTML5 player was built on the company’s recently released Web App Starter Kit, a development tool to assist in the creation of new media-oriented apps built on Kaltura technology. The toolkit also supports other media-streaming devices, native mobile applications and Web browsers in addition to running natively within Twitter (NewsAlert) and Facebook feeds.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino


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