April 27, 2015

Qoppa’s PDF Studio Version 10 Offers Powerful Features

Qoppa announced recently that it had released version 10 of PDF Studio for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux systems. The latest version of the PDF editor provides several helpful features that optimize PDFs, allow comparisons, and convert PDFs to HTML5.

Atlanta-based Qoppa Software develops a variety of software solutions that process PDF files for the aforementioned environments and Android (NewsAlert). The features that are available in end user products can also be leveraged by developers through Qoppa code libraries.

According to Qoppa’s website, PDF Studio comes in a standard version for $89 and a pro version for $129. Users can also download a trial version of either version of PDF Studio before purchasing a license.

The standard version supports features including the conversion of certain document formats to PDF; watermarks; scan-to-PDF; bookmarks and table of contents; and the ability to create savable forms.

The pro version adds key features like OCR; PDF optimization that reduces file size; digital signature support; splitting and merging of PDFs; and permanent redaction. PDFs can be compared on the basis of content differences and how the file appears with an overlay versus without.

For tablets and PCs with touchscreen capability, users accustomed to drawing can enable a touch mode feature that allows editing PDFs with a finger, pen or stylus.

Perhaps the most useful feature is the ability to convert a PDF to HTML5. The process is very easy and only takes four steps. Even more impressive is that original content like fonts and vector graphics won’t get lost during the conversion process.

Qoppa’s latest release of PDF Studio comes with several breakthrough features. Users can draw on tablet devices and touchscreens much like they do on paper. Companies with document workflows have a rich set of features to make sophisticated documents and forms.

The conversion of PDF to HTML5 is significant, because it allows browsers to display the same content that was in a PDF without needing plugins. That will be a huge benefit to mobile users that cannot afford to be bogged down by plugins. Version 10 of PDF Studio is a significant step forward in PDF editing and cannot be dismissed as just another incremental upgrade. 

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino


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