April 27, 2015

TomTom, Telefonica, Mozilla Team Up To Bring Maps, Navigation to Firefox OS

TomTom has announced a partnership with Telefónica and Mozilla (NewsAlert) to bring its HTML5-based Maps Online and Nav Online apps to Firefox OS devices.

“TomTom is excited to be embracing the openness of HTML5 to bring high quality maps and turn-by-turn navigation to the ecosystem,” said Charles Cautley, managing director of TomTom (NewsAlert) Licensing. “By partnering with Mozilla and Telefónica, we’re opening new markets and opportunities for smartphone users globally.”

Firefox OS users will be able to look up the company’s map information and receive turn-by-turn directions.

Firefox OS is a mobile operating system that’s completely open source. Like Google’s Android (NewsAlert), it’s based on Linux, but relies on Web apps built on technologies that developers are already familiar with, such as HTML5 and JavaScript, rather than proprietary app stores. It supports several phones officially, while it’s been ported to other models without support.

It’s closer to Chrome OS in terms of technology than Android, as Chrome OS is also based around Google’s (News Alert) flagship browser. Mozilla has also introduced a marketplace that allows users to install web apps on their devices that’s similar to Google’s Chrome Web Store.

The partnership gives users access to a major company’s services while still preserving Mozilla’s ethos as a nonprofit: its commitment to open web technologies.

“We’re thrilled to offer Firefox OS users TomTom’s Maps Online and Nav Online apps in the Firefox Marketplace. Our priority is to empower users with a mobile experience that makes their lives richer and more efficient, and great content like TomTom’s ensures that,” Bertrand Neveux, director of marketplace and ecosystem at Mozilla.

Apple (News Alert) and Google are already far ahead of Mozilla in market share, but partnering with companies like Telefónica and TomTom could make Firefox OS a viable contender, especially in emerging smartphone markets.

“Telefónica has now launched Firefox OS devices in 14 markets and is pleased to see high quality maps and navigation solutions from TomTom that enhance these devices for our consumers in Latin America and Europe,” Simon Callan, director business development at Telefónica, said.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino


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