May 01, 2015

Project Insight Goes 100 Percent HTML5

The latest version of the markup language for the Web, HTML5, comes with many advancements  that users did not see in the past. There is support for audio, video, and rendering of 2D images through a new tag (NewsAlert) called canvas. It also has a lot to offer creative website developers, and it may prove invaluable to businesses.

One company taking advantage of the new standard is Project Insight. Its latest Web-based project and portfolio management application of the same name (now in version 12), the company recently announced, is now entirely based on HTML5. The most important part of that development for the company may be HTML5's enhancement for performance on mobile devices. It is quick and uses fewer resources than HTML4, so mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets can use the portfolio management on the go without having to fret about loss of battery power.

Cynthia West, the vice president of Project Insight, spoke about the latest update and the software's reliance on the HTML5 Gantt chart.

“The completion of the HTML5 Gantt chart finalizes the migration of Project Insight to this new standard,” West said. “The benefit for the end user is that our entire project management solution is 100% functional on any mobile device, tablet, or phone. Any page of our software, including the Gantt chart will display without the need for plug-ins like Flash or Silverlight.”

Her final statement regarding Flash and Silverlight explains a lot of what HTML5 means to developers. Not only is it fast and less bandwidth-hungry, it also has its own core of standards that are meant to tackle the modern Internet. Developers have come to love the animation capabilities of Flash and Silverlight, but they and their users have been burdened by the need for plugins in order to view content. Now, all that is needed is an HTML5-compatible browser to take advantage of everything Project Insight has to offer.

For IT professionals, product developers, and all other collaborative teams, this means an updated method of centralizing projects, tracking time, expenses, and budgets, sharing project assets, and creating reports. There are versions of Project Insight that operate in the cloud and on-premise, so businesses can get the model that fits them best. The software package is made to fit small to midsize organizations that have up to 1000 employees.

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Edited by Stefania Viscusi


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