May 11, 2015

HTML5 Testing Might Have Given Away Samsung Galaxy Note Edge’s Next Version

The Samsung (NewsAlert) Galaxy Note series has proven to be a rather exciting addition to the market, and many are already looking forward to the next release in the line. The Galaxy Note Edge, meanwhile, hasn't proven quite so popular, but there are already some reports to suggest that the next version of the Galaxy Note Edge could be coming out soon, thanks to some recent HTML5 testing.

While many regarded the Galaxy Note Edge as a test product to see how the market would react to the idea of a curved display on a handheld device—a test that may have paid off, as evidenced by the Galaxy S6 Edge—it's unsure as yet that a new version of the Galaxy Note Edge will hit shelves. However, there was some evidence spotted recently to suggest it might come to pass as a new device, the Samsung Zenzero, popped up in HTML5 testing.

The name is what's giving some pause, as the first version of the Galaxy Note Edge was dubbed Project Zen in early testing. So with a new project called the Zenzero coming out and being actively tested, it does seem like a safe bet that Samsung is continuing the Zen line, and thus, the Galaxy Note Edge.

Image via Samsung

Naturally, this is still very early-stage stuff, and could prove to be something completely different at the end of the day. It could be a new Galaxy Note Edge, of course, but it could also prove to be an entirely different device in the works. The early tests could also be fakes, the product of someone who wants people to believe that a new Galaxy Note Edge is on its way and ready to sit back and laugh at the sheer traction the report gains. But if it's going through HTML5 testing, meanwhile, that poses a different point altogether. A device going through HTML5 testing is likely expecting to be deeply involved with HTML5, and given that HTML5—as far as app developers and those like Project Insight are concerned—means a faster, less bandwidth-intensive platform that can still do the job, it may well be that a new Galaxy Note Edge is coming, and it's planning to put HTML5 to more use. It's entirely possible—though maybe a bit of a long shot—that the new device will work around the app store concept and put Web-based apps to work instead.

There are a lot of possibilities with something like this, and while it's unclear just what will come of it all, there's still a lot to consider with this news. Will Samsung bring out a new Galaxy Note Edge? Will it put a particular focus on Web apps and HTML5 capability? Will all this be revealed in the end for a hoax of some kind? Only time will tell, but for right now, there's plenty to think about in the short term.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino


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