June 05, 2015

CORE Gaming Launches Another HTML5 Game on Sky Vegas Mobile

Just like any other business, casinos go through cycles of good and bad times. Currently the gambling industry is in a slump, and one of its premier locations, Macau, is experiencing the biggest downside. According to the Wall Street Journal, revenues have declined by almost 40 percent, which is the same amount it rose by a little over a year ago. While this segment has seen better days, digital gaming can’t seem to slow down. Which is why CORE Gaming has added yet another slot game developed with HTML5 on the Sky Vegas Mobile portal.

Reel Force Five is designed using a single HTML5 codebase for mobile and desktop deployment. The company stated its entire portfolio of games are built with the same concept, so it can have the largest audience possible. 

A report on VentureBeat revealed the mobile casino games market was worth $2.7 billion, which was generated from games that don’t use real money. The report went on to say, when real-currency gambling opens, as some countries are looking to do, digital gambling can reach $100 billion in revenue by 2017.

Developers such as CORE are designing games that can be accessed on any device without compatibility issues by using HTML5. Games designed using this platform only need an HTML5 enabled browser, and users can get on their PC, smartphone or tablet and start playing.

“We have worked on numerous third party titles for Sky Vegas over the last few years but to deliver such cutting edge proprietary content is a major step forward in establishing us as, not just the number one HTML5 developer in the world, but also one of the industry's top content producers,” said CORE CEO Justin Chamberlain.

One of the benefits of using HTML5 for game development is they will work on any device no matter what kind of operating system it has. Developers no longer have to completely port the game for each OS. Granted some adjustments have to be made to compensate for screen sizes and input types, but that is not as time-consuming and difficult as writing for each OS. The code only has to be written once, with minimal re-coding for multiple platforms. Additional benefits of HTML 5 include, cross-platform capabilities, faster development, dynamic distribution and support from major companies.

Once the flood gates open for mobile gambling with real money, it will eclipse the revenues physical casinos make. In the meantime, developers like CORE Gaming are priming the market by creating games that can be accessed from anywhere on any device with HTML5. 

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino


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