June 15, 2015

PUB HTML5 Upgrades Its Brochure-making Software

While HTML5 isn’t the up-and-coming new thing it once was, the development language is still plenty popular because of the versatility it offers. This is underlined by the company Pub HTML 5. The firm announced last week that it is officially extending its product offering to now include a brand new online resource that allows users to create a digital brochure. This all-in-one brochure maker lets single users or entire companies wield a platform that produces informative brochures.

This new brochure will have a ton of new features including the ability to go online or offline and to access page flip brochure creation. These brochures are available for printing or Web creation and distribution. There are quite a few templates online as well as themes for people who want to make these brochures using the PUB HTML5 platform.

"The brochure software will be a great option for our users. Beginners will find a great choice of graphics and templates to choose from as they easily create eye-catching content, while designers and artists will have an arsenal of tools at their disposal to create their brochure from the ground up," Jason Chen, Chief Technical Officer of PUB HTML5 said in a recent statement.

This kind of application is quite the demonstration of the power of HTML5 because it can be used on a multitude of different devices. While the biggest uses of HTML are published as those that are using the tech for applications like games, and although brochure making may not be a headline grabbing way to use the HTML5 technology, there is very little doubt regarding the viability of this use case. The latest upgrade of the company’s software brings the ability to make intricate flip books that can be viewed on computers as well as mobile devices. The company has said it is also working to bring new features all the time.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino


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