June 18, 2015

Stimulsoft Offers HTML5, JSON Support in Stimulsoft Reports 2015.1

Stimulsoft, a Belarussian software company, has announced the release of its Stimulsoft Reports 2015.1, offering support for HTML5 and JSON.

“Our company is developing reporting tools and components which are up-to-date for our customers,” Stimulsoft CEO Vital Kubekin said.

One of the biggest features for the new version is support for JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) as a data source. JSON is already popular for storing data because it’s both human-and-machine-readable. While Stimulsoft Reports primarily supports .NET (News Alert), it gives its users a lot of flexibility in data sources and outputs.

While HTML5 is available, .NET, Silverlight and WPF versions are all available. The company also supports Java, PHP and Flex.

Choice is the key selling point for Stimulsoft.

“Covering so many technologies helps keep the customers up to date with products, so that they have options which product to choose. We do not narrow down their choice; we make it widespread. If you want to show your reports in the web browser, we have tools for ASP.NET, HTML5 and Java. No problem – just use them. If you want to use technologies in combination, it is not a problem for us as well, because we do our best to keep the compatibility between our products,” Kubekin said.

Software companies couldn’t support HTML5 fast enough even before the W3C (NewsAlert) made it an official recommendation in October of last year.

It’s even come to reporting tools, as evidenced by Stimulsoft’s offering. Since almost all modern browsers have supported HTML5 in some capacity for several years, HTML5 is a platform of choice for Web applications, since it supports different hardware, from PCs to tablets to smartphones. Developers only have to implement one app that can support many different devices without users having to install anything.

Many developers are preferring open solutions like HTML5 over Flash, especially since neither Apple (News Alert) nor Android support it on their mobile devices.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino


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