June 25, 2015

iWin Increases Its Portfolio with the Acquisition of Jenkat Games

Mobile technology has had a great impact across all sectors, and while some industries can manage without it, others are thriving more than ever because of it. That is the case with gaming, which according to the Global Games Investment Review from Digi-Capital, could be worth more than $100 billion by 2017. The research firm predicts mobile and online gaming is growing at double digit rates, and ultimately it could account for 60 percent of the $100 billion. This is pushing many established organizations in the gaming sector to acquire companies with a portfolio of desirable games. That is what iWin has done by purchasing Jenkat Games for an undisclosed amount.

With this acquisition iWin will increase its portfolio by adding one of the leading free PC download casual game websites. According to the company, the Jenkat Games Arcade has been installed over 10 million times, and it gets hundreds of thousands of unique visitors to its site every month. This was the third purchase of a gaming company for iWin in the past two years, with in March of this year and of Oberon-Media in 2013. The combined portfolio of iWin brings it more than four million monthly active gamers.

The new generation of mobile games use a range of technologies to ensure their users can always play on their device no matter where they are. One of the solutions these companies have been using is browser-based HTML5 games, because all new smartphones are Web enabled.

By using HTML5 iWin, Jenkat Games and others eliminate the compatibility issues of propriety based applications. This gives the mobile gaming sector the widest possible number of users without worrying about the operating system and device the customer is using.

"Our fans love games and iWin will provide them with even more free games, the latest and greatest casual games, and a wonderful selection of the best HTML5 games available," said Malcolm Michaels, CEO of Jenkat Games.

The number of HTML5 games developed by iWin has a catalog of more than 250 titles, in addition to other platforms. The company manages the PC download service for Yahoo, MSN and Pogo while it distributes and monetizes PC downloadable games.

"Jenkat Games and iWin have been partners since 2007 and we have been very impressed with the scale that they have achieved with limited resources and capital," said CJ Wolf, CEO of iWin. "We are confident that we can continue to entertain their audience by introducing their player base to iWin's expansive product offering."

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino


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