June 26, 2015

Advanced Frameworks Making HTML5 App Development a Breeze

HTML5 for app development is growing in leaps and bounds. Historically there have been concerns about coding apps with HTML5, but that’s changing as the relationship between apps and the web grow closer. New frameworks that help developers leverage HTML5 for advanced layouts and functionality, such as the framework for custom layout and rendering, are playing a big role.

“We knew HTML5 for mobile had major concerns like responsiveness, performance and limitation on the rendering,” Hans van den Akker told HTML5 Report recently, CEO and CTO for Bizboard. “All that changed when we got a chance to work within the Famous Labs and soon build our first Apps with this framework. Providing a near-native experience with just one codebase seemed the holy grail. We have come far since that moment.” helps developers such as Bizboard abstract DOM & WebGL, allowing them to easily do custom layout and rendering. Centering objects and rotating them can be done with only a few lines of code, for instance.

Bizboard, an Amsterdam-based app development house, has been using to design and build engaging apps for enterprises and startups. Van den Akker says he thinks frameworks are advancing app development as much as the latest smartphone hardware iterations.

“I’m seeing more-and-more native software frameworks popping up the radar and the JS community seems to be exploding even more,” he noted. “Hopefully innovation on hardware and software stay in sync to provide the developer community with the maximum innovation powers.”

Next month, van den Akker highlights some of the power advanced frameworks can bring to app development at DevCon5, the HTML5 and mobile app developer conference taking place in New York City from July 20-22.

Bizboard and van den Akker will be hosting a session at the conference on leveraging the framework for advanced Javascript 3D rendering. He’ll show how to use advanced techniques such as and Websockets to create an interactive and fluid user experience and user interface.

“I’m thrilled to be in the middle of the Web and JS community and with a big open-source mindset,” he said about the upcoming DevCon5 event. “I really hope to meet people with likewise mindsets and create the opportunity to work with bright and open people around the globe.”

Those interested in learning more about DevCon5 and meeting Bizboard can find additional information about DevCon5 at the conference’s web site.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi


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