September 04, 2015

Latest Jivox IQ Ad Platform Delivers Advanced HTML5 Feature Set

Just in case you haven’t heard, the Flashpocalypse is coming. Adobe (NewsAlert) Flash’s inability to adapt to the mobile environment has led Chrome, Mozilla as well as Google, Apple and Facebook to disable or block it. The complaints against it are many, and it goes as far back as Steve Jobs (News Alert). For publishers it means migrating to a technology that supports HTML5, which is better suited to support mobile technology. Jivox, provider of personalized digital advertising and marketing, announced a major upgrade to its Jivox IQ Dynamic Ad Platform so it can start supporting advanced set of HTML5 features.

“My advice to brands and agencies worried about #flashpocalypse is simple: run – don’t walk – to your nearest HTML5-based ad platform and breathe a giant sigh of relief,” said Jivox CEO and founder Diaz Nesamoney.

The Jivox IQ is a data-driven dynamic ad platform designed to deliver personalized digital ad campaigns across all screens with 100 percent multi-screen delivery. Ads dynamically adapt to different screen sizes, page layouts and device feature support. The platform gives publishers tools for creating engaging content to customers no matter where they are in all standard formats, including interactive banners, native ads, video, images, animations, content and social media feeds.

With the new HTML5 functionalities, publishers will be able to build complex animations and video for sophisticated multi-screen ads from the ground up.

The company also announced the Jivox IQ Dynamic Ad Platform is already compliant with the draft of the IAB’s “Display Creative Guidelines,” which will be released later this year.

The new HTML5 features it will incorporate include:

Support for advanced animations – It allows users to create and serve all the complex and sophisticated animations that previously required Flash. This will ensure that ads can be viewed across all screens. Animations include Slide, Fade, Zoom, Resize, Move and more, and all boast configurable speed, duration, triggers and easing effects.

Dynamic video player – Enables ad producers to create video that will run seamlessly on Chrome, Safari, Firefox and all other HTML5-compliant browsers. The video player also supports a wide range of inputs, including uploaded videos, VAST tags, VPAID tags, LiveRail and other programmatic video tags.

Integration with HTML5 development tools – It can upload the HTML5 output from a wide variety of tools, including Adobe HTML5 Canvas and Adobe Edge Animate, Google (News Alert) Web Designer, and hand-coded HTML5.

Single-Click HTML5 deep upload – Jivox IQ now enables users to upload an entire directory of related ad files, including separate image files, font files, video files, and more, in a single click. This was a particular challenge of HTML5 development because each file needed to be individually uploaded to the ad server and the linkages established correctly.

Progressive asset download – Jivox IQ uses an intelligent Content Management System (CMS) to host and serve assets dynamically, only fetching and serving assets that are visible and needed to render the ad. This method of “on-demand” downloads ensures the lowest possible k-weights of the ad and is ideal for programmatic environments where latencies can be significant.

The support in Jivox IQ extends to detecting and switching to HTML5 rendering as needed, ensuring ads are viewable on any device from a single tag (NewsAlert)

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino


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