September 15, 2015

EasyHTML5Video Version 3.5 Has Updated GUI and More Codecs is a company providing free software that allows users to convert any video into HTML5 format so it can be embedded into websites and mobile apps, essentially making it truly cross platform and able to play in any modern device or browser as well as most legacy ones. The company just released version 3.5 of this HTML5 Video Converter, which makes this conversion process even faster and easier.

EasyHTML5Video has support for more than 300 video formats so that basically any video can be converted to HTML5 and uploaded directly onto a server without the need for a third-party video hosting service. Users can simply drag and drop a video into the software, adjust settings regarding the poster image, codecs and other details and then press the “Start” button.

The website has been updated with a clean new look and the software sports a fresh graphical user interface (GUI) to provide a more fluid user experience; a new tutorial webpage guides users through the process of embedding a converted video into an HTML page once it’s exported. The video converter itself now includes support for more than 40 additional video codecs and formats—most notably Google (News Alert) VP9, h.265 and aic (Apple Intermediate Codec)—and can perform multi-threaded video conversions nearly eight times faster on multi-core processors.

In addition to these improvements, the latest addition of EasyHTML5Video’s software features support for several new languages, namely Brazilian Portuguese, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. There were also several bug fixes, the most significant of which solves a problem that arose with converting the MP4 format.

“EasyHTML5Video provides an innovative solution for hassle free video hosting,” commented Tom Nowak, CEO of EasyHTML5Video. “Users can now easily load videos directly to their own servers within no time.”

EasyHTML5Video is free for non-commercial use (which includes not-for-profit organizations) with a small watermark included on all converted videos, whereas a $69 license can be purchased for two installations and unlimited websites or a $99 enterprise license provides ten installations and unlimited websites. Those who choose to purchase a license will also gain access to one year of customer support and free updates.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino


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