November 02, 2015

B-Scada Announces Status Enterprise Version 4.0

B-Scada has announced the release of its Status Enterprise version 4.0 SCADA application. The new version comes with a host of features, including a  CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) module.

“With version 4.0, Status Enterprise has changed the game again. The new CMMS module now integrates basic maintenance management capabilities with a world class SCADA solution. Status Enterprise users can now have work orders generated automatically from real time data using workflow, have those work orders assigned to maintenance staff and have the work orders associated with equipment,” a B-Scada statement said.

SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. It’s essentially a technical term for controlling equipment remotely, such as HVAC systems and factory equipment. B-Scada has targeted its software toward applications such as agriculture, energy management, building automation, IT and others.

A typical organization will have lots of equipment that needs to be maintained and controlled such as HVAC, power generators, fire alarms, and security systems, among others. All of these systems can be complicated for large organizations to manage by themselves. B-Scada and other vendors offer the ability to manage these systems in one place.

Automating all these various systems also serves as an Internet of Things (IoT) use case. Status Enterprise supports IoT sensors from a number of vendors, and the B-Scada said that the CMMS will support IoT technology soon.

The new CMMS module in Status Enterprise version 4.0 supports ISA-95 interfaces, making it possible for businesses to integrate with their existing workflows. It supports a number of data sources, including OPC UA, OPC DA, Modbus, SNMP, MQTT, Excel, SQL and ODBC

Status Enterprise also supports HTML5, which means that users can access it from both desktop and mobile devices over the web.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere


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