January 21, 2016

Navori Labs Integrates HTML5 into its Digital Signage Software

The digital signage tech we see today empowers users to fully interact with their display to adjust content at any time. For the owners of the displays, it means they can deliver a flexible platform for marketers that want to change their campaigns on the fly. Navori Labs, a digital signage software publisher based in Lausanne, Switzerland, has simplified the process of interacting with digital displays by integrating HTML5 to its QL Manager solution.

The company announced that with this new development, end users and system integrators will have a new user interface and server platform that will give them the ability to improve and simplify the usability across every stage of the digital signage ecosystem.

With the new HTML5, content creators will be able to design and manage their creation with an interface that has a template and media preview features. This lets them see how their design looks on their digital display, no matter what size it is.

Once the content is created, HTML5 supports a flexible delivery method to target displays across different networks, whether they are in the same geographical location or another part of the world. This usability comes with a QL Server SDK that gives organizations and developers access to the backbone for an entire digital signage infrastructure across content management, distribution, playback and monitoring.

The open QL Server SDK is able to integrate third-party applications to deliver increased flexibility for projects of any size or complexity, with a seamless interface to advertise booking, media planning and other systems and applications. Systems integrators, resellers, network operators and end users won’t have to worry about propriety solutions to create customized display designs that meet the requirements of their customers.

Navori Labs CEO Jerome Moeri said, "By focusing on improving the user experience foremost, we have built a foundation to further strengthen QL with new features and innovations for our base of more than 15,000 customers – many of which we will unveil as we move closer to ISE and Digital Signage Expo."

The QL Professional suite of products provide customizable software that power displays and tablets with rich and targeted programs. The multi-user, designer, playlist and scheduling, and rule-based playback plays any type of content natively, featuring multi-layer, multi-zone on both Windows and Android (NewsAlert). Additionally, it supports data feeds from XML, RSS, Exchange, Google calendar, Twitter and more without any coding.

What this all means to businesses that want to launch display campaigns is, they can control where and where their content is delivered without having to install or maintain any application because QL Manager Professional delivers it on a web browser. 

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere


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