March 15, 2016

iOS Tutorial Added to DevCon5 Web & Mobile App Developer Conference Program

NYU Professor and Top Web and Mobile App Development Professional

Norwalk, CT—March 15, 2016—TMC and Crossfire Media announced today the addition of the iOS Tutorial to DevCon5 Web & Mobile App Developer Conference at the Kimmel Center at New York University ,(NYU), August 1-4, 2016, in New York, New York. The tutorial will take place Monday, August 1st from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm and will be presented by Mark Meretzky, Adjunct Associate Professor of Information Technologies at NYU. The DevCon5 conference program is built for all developers, whether they are deep in the Apple world, delivering user experiences with Android (NewsAlert)/Chrome or managing app/web portals for a corporation.

“The reality is that apps in Apple's App Store offer a prestige and branding that other smart devices don't have.  That means even solutions for mobile users that primarily use HTML5 and the web for delivery probably want to have an app interface for convenience and cachet,” said Carl Ford (NewsAlert), CEO, Crossfire Media, executive director of content for DevCon5.  “Our one day tutorial is intense but at the end you will have an understanding of how to bring your solutions to your iPhone users.”

The full-day tutorial focuses on writing iOS apps in Apple's new language Swift (NewsAlert) using the Xcode IDE on Macintosh.  An iPhone or iPad app is made of intercommunicating objects, and attendees will learn to create and destroy them and call their methods in Swift.

Sessions include:

  • 8:30AM – Features and Quirks of Swift– This session will  point out the quirks of Swift: the syntax for creating variables, data structures such as arrays and dictionaries, and exotic features such as protocols and optional variables.
  • 9:30AM – What Happens when an iOS App is Launched? – This session will explore the 5 objects automatically created when an iOS app is launched: the application, the application delegate, the window, the view, and the view controller.
  • 10:30AM – Let’s Draw a Still Life– The first apps created will draw static text and graphics on the screen but will not move or respond to a touch.
  • 11:30AM – Creating a Touch Sensitive App– Attendees will create a touch-sensitive app that will receive a set of "touch objects" from the screen and will react to them by redrawing a picture.
  • 1:30PM – Animation and Gesture Recognition– In this session attendees will make a simple animation and then explore how an app can recognize higher-level gestures such as a horizontal vs. vertical swipe, single vs. double tap, and pinch vs. spread.
  • 2:30PM – Controls and Their Target (NewsAlert) Objects– Attendees will learn how to make the control do something useful by connecting it to a separate object called the "target" or "delegate" of the control. When the control is touched, a method of the target or delegate is automatically called.
  • 3:30PM – Class UIWebView for Platform-Independent HTML5–  This session will explore how an object of class UIWebView can render a page of HTML5 on the screen. Since an HTML5 page can also be rendered by Android, this is one way to write code that can be executed on both platforms.

Registration for the iOS Tutorial at DevCon5 is now open. For more information, contact Frank Coppola at 203-852-6800 x131. For media registration, contact Jessica Seabrook. Companies interested in exhibiting, sponsorship or advertising packages should contact Joe Fabiano at 203.852.6800 ext. 132.

For the latest DevCon5 news, updates and information, follow the event on Twitter (NewsAlert) at @DevConFive

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