TMCNet:  UnlockaniPhone is now Selling Revolutionary IMEI Unlocks for all iPhone Models

[August 16, 2012]

UnlockaniPhone is now Selling Revolutionary IMEI Unlocks for all iPhone Models

Los Angeles, CA, Aug 16, 2012 ( via COMTEX) — is pleased to announce they are now selling IMEI unlocks, revolutionary permanent factory unlocks for all iPhone models. The IMEI unlocks work on any iPhone, regardless of iOS version or baseband, and do not require users to perform a jailbreak prior to unlocking. Additionally, the new IMEI unlocks from UnlockaniPhone guarantee user's phone's will stay unlocked forever without any loss of features or functionality.

Apple's iPhones have had a major impact on the world and the way in which people use technology. From giving callers the ability to see the people with whom they are speaking to providing users with a voice activated personal assistant, iPhones continue to push the boundaries of communication. But currently, iPhone users only have a few service plan providers to choose from and can only utilize the apps available in the iTunes store.

With the new IMEI unlocks from UnlockaniPhone, users can perform an iPhone 4 factory unlock. By unlocking their iPhones, people have the flexibility to choose any service provider or network. It also gives them the ability to download apps from any source they choose. IMEI unlocks essentially "unlock" the possibilities.

To purchase the new IMEI unlocks, people can visit and select the network their iPhone is currently locked into. Next, people need to select their iPhone model and enter their iPhone's unique IMEI number or International Mobile Equipment Identity number. Users can then pay via PayPal and within two to four days, they will receive an email letting them know their iPhone has been permanently unlocked. To confirm, people can connect their iPhone to iTunes, which should indicate the phone has been unlocked.

Prior to selling the new IMEI unlocks, UnlockaniPhone featured Gevey Sims. But according to the site, Gevey Sims came with a number of restrictions. For example, only the iPhone 4S was supported by the program and users had to have the current iOS version installed on their phone.

According to UnlockaniPhone, "The IMEI unlock is a much better solution that solves all these problems. It's truly a revolution in making the iPhone simlock free." For more information about the new IMEI unlocks, visit About In the iPhone unlocking industry since 2007, is an online retailer of iPhone unlocking programs. The site features IMEI unlocks, revolutionary permanent factory unlocks for all iPhone models, iOS versions and basebands. IMEI unlocks do not require any shipping or confusing hardware.

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