TMCNet:  BBI Benefits Can Now Help Local Businesses Save Health Care Costs via Limited Tier Networks - Without Sacrificing Choice of Doctors

[January 15, 2013]

BBI Benefits Can Now Help Local Businesses Save Health Care Costs via Limited Tier Networks – Without Sacrificing Choice of Doctors

Andover, MA, Jan 15, 2013 ( via COMTEX) — Massachusetts law now requires insurance carriers to offer employers a limited network product. These tiered limited networks restrict where employees can go and must be at least 12% cheaper than traditional broad networks. Employers can now offer their employees more health care cost choices, and employees only pay for those choices they want to have.

The challenge is that not every employee is willing to accept a more limited network. "The key," said Jim Edholm, President of BBI Benefits, an Andover benefits planning firm, "is to find a way to take advantage of the mandated lower cost without sacrificing choice of hospitals and doctors where it's needed." BBI Benefits uses unique strategies to help small and medium-sized businesses navigate this and other recent law changes and to use them to the employer's advantage. Their distinctive strategy for using this new aspect of the law allows employees who want full choice to have (and pay for) it without stopping more cost-conscious fellow employees from using the limited networks to save premium dollars.

Every insurance carrier now offers such tiered network products at 12% below standard cost, but each has restrictions, limitations and other guidelines that can create confusion. Small to medium-sized businesses that are interested in lowering their health insurance costs by taking advantage of tiered limited networks should go to to request information on this strategy. View a video describing the use of the benefits at

Jim Edholm is available for interview by phone or locally in Andover, MA. He can provide deeper insight into the savings that limited tier network plans can offer.

About BBI Business Benefits Insurance BBI Business Benefits Insurance is made up of small business group insurance specialists. Their 300+ clients run the gamut – from retail companies to manufacturing establishments, from professional practices to technology companies. They are the ideal resource for every benefits-related problem a company may have. They are a "benefits quarterback" – helping guide businesses toward success with an insurance game plan designed specifically for that specific business and not just some generic, off-the-shelf plan from an anonymous mega-insurance company. Their specialties include group health insurance, group dental insurance, group short term disability insurance, group long term disability insurance, group life insurance, group voluntary insurance (LTD, STD, Dental, Life). For more information, visit

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